First, we would like to thank you for visiting our rather unique page. If you are over 21 and would like to become involved with new people that share and live an alternate lifestyle but don't know how..... maybe we can help? We think we have a lot to offer folks who are interested in MASTURBATION, EXHIBITIONISM, and VOYEURISM!
    Next, a little history about us! Club RELATE grew out of a tremendous response to our specific ads. When we first started we wrote a very general ad and received, as might be expected, a very general response. We thought we would reduce the response and increase our rate of success by narrowing the scope of our ad. WRONG!!! We simply opened another door for hundreds of people who enjoy MASTURBATION as much as we do but had no outlet for sharing this pleasure except through swinging. Swinging is great but, there's no guarantee that you will find another couple or people with similar interests in MASTURBATION!!!
    The response to our ad was so fantastic we decided to try to link everyone by way of RELATE, the internet site and Club RELATE was born! CLUB RELATE, and this site, covers MASTURBATION in all its forms; watching, being watched, helping, photos, movies, books, stories, toys, talking, listening to others fantasies, parties and perhaps most important, contact with others through a specific form of communication....your letters to RELATE!!! Through RELATE we all belong to one family. We update daily and have many corresponding members that contribute regularly.
    Club RELATE is a club for people that enjoy and include MASTURBATION in their sex play and desire meeting other people in a party setting for group MASTURBATION. Club RELATE members generally have three things in common: